How to Find Car Insurance Quotes Online

Finding car insurance quotes online is not actually that hard – in fact it is one of the easiest ways possible to find insurance overall, simply because it allows you to compare prices so easily. There is no easier alternative, because the internet caters to your needs in this way so well and on so many levels.

Not only will you also tend to find cheaper auto insurance online, but the ease of access is tremendous. This is why I would highly recommend that you look for insurance by getting online quotes to compare and save on your auto insurance, simply because it is so easy. It takes very little time if you know where to start looking, and since the insurers themselves can save money by advertising online they can offer you far better quotes when you look for auto insurance.

This is what is so great – there are no downsides to looking at quotes online. They are cheaper, quicker and easier to compare – there is no better way than getting quotes online to find the cheapest and best deals.

Some companies even go to the extent of only offering their best offers to those who look at insurance quotes online, meaning that it is definitely the best place to start if you are wondering how to go about getting your first quote or renewing your current insurance.

The other beauty of this method is that submitting car insurance quotes online is incredibly fast. All you need to do is fill out a form to begin with, detailing certain aspects of your car and the like, and they can give you a rough estimate within seconds, and can easily get back to you to offer you more details on auto insurance.

Hands down this makes looking for insurance quotes the best position that you have when it comes to renewing your car insurance. It can be a lengthy and frustrating process overall, but by looking at car insurance quotes online you can really cut down on the overall time you spend doing it and the overall stress it can cause. Let’s face it, we have enough stress in our lives already.

As such, the next time that you need to renew your auto insurance simply look for , and you will start saving both time and money incredibly fast, making it an incredibly worthwhile venture for you and your family.

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Car insurance rates are through the roof and I don't know why, help!?

I need help with car insurance, I'm having some problems. Okay, I'm a 21 year old single, never married, male and I got my driver's license when I was 18 in March 2008. Now, I know my car insurance rates are high because I'm young and a guy, but here's the problem. I see people who are about my same age who have been driving for the same amount of time as and have no accidents, violations, or tickets like me. My car insurance rates are ridiculously high, I mean insanely high, even compared to others my age. My younger brother even, he's had his license for a year, he's 19, and had 3 speeding tickets and still pays less than me. On average for my car insurance rates, getting quotes online range from about $1500 all the way up to $2500 for 6 months! I used old vehicles, new vehicles, safe vehicles, unsafe vehicles, every kind of car/truck you could imagine and my projected rates are still through the roof.

For example, for full coverage with the minimum amounts and highest deductibles, my insurance on a 2010 Mazda 3 would be about $1800-$2300 for 6 months. However, I also got a quote for a 1997 Ford Escort and the same exact coverage is still $1200-$1300. I don't get why my rates are so much higher.

A coworker of mine is 21 years old, not married, no tickets, and has had his license since 18 like me, and he has a 2007 Mazda 6 and he only pays about $170 a month, which translates to about ~$1050 for 6 months. I put in my information including SSN on the same company's web site that he uses (Geico) and my insurance rates are about $1700 for 6 months.

So my question is why are my insurance rates so high? I have no tickets, no moving violations, no accidents, nothing, and yet insurance rates are so high.

I figure SOMETHING has to be on my driving record, but I can't imagine what. How can get a copy of or look at my driving record? I just want to know why my rates are so much higher than other people, male or female, who are about my age and have been driving for about the same amount of time and yet I still pay 2x or 3x as much as me.

Please help me out! =)

Your insurance company most likely has a copy of your driving record. Give them a call and ask them if they have a copy or access to a copy. Your local DVM office will have access to your driving records as well. I think I would be asking my insurance company why my rates are so high and others you know have lower rates. I would also call around to some other insurance companies in your area and get quotes from them. If their rates are still higher ask them why the rates are so high. There has to be something that is causing your rates to be higher. Like you have already pointed out you are a 21 year old male and that alone makes the rates expensive. Maybe you need to consider getting liability insurance. It doesn't cover anything on or any injuries to yourself or damages to your vehicle but it would be a lot less rate than full coverage. You probably wouldn't want liability insurance if you have a newer vehicle. If you have a car loan you are required to carry full coverage on the vehicle until the loan is paid in full. It is also possible others that you have mentioned may be on their parents policy and have multi discounts on the policy that makes the rates lower. Talk with your insurance company and make them tell you why your rates are so high and call around and see what you can come up with. Get a copy of your driving record so you can show you have a clean record. You can also go to the police station and probably get a copy of your record to. Make the insurance company prove to you why your rates are so expensive.

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Comparing car insurance rates – stop throwing money away

Car is one of those necessary evils in life. Nobody wants to pay for it, but everybody has to have it. For this reason, the majority of consumers spend time shopping around for the best possible prices on car . Needless to say, there are tons of car companies in operation today. And checking each company, one by one can be time-consuming and overwhelming. Many people are under the delusion that rates are pretty much equal all across the board. But, that couldn't be farther from the truth. Car insurance rates can vastly differ from one company to another — which makes checking with each and every company an imperative part of the process. The good news is, it's now possible to compare a plethora of car insurance companies at one time.</p>

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Through the power of technology and the magic of the World Wide Web, consumers now have the opportunity to utilize tools that can check and compare car insurance quotes one to another. Not only do these tools save time, but they can also save a substantial amount of money.

Tools offered on the Internet can compare multiple car insurance companies and their prices at one time; thereby eliminating the need to make a personal contact with each and every company. Using these tools also ensures that consumers find the best possible price for the best possible coverage.

Given the state of our current economy, saving money on car insurance is a must do for most people. And given the state of our busy society, saving time when shopping for a car insurance is also high on the list. Car insurance comparison tools offered on the Internet take mere minutes to use and can result in big savings — thusly killing two birds with one stone. Even if you already have car insurance, and you’re not actively shopping, taking a few moments to compare your price to the prices of other companies may shed some light on your insurance well-being. In fact, a large number of people think they have the best possible price and the best possible company, when in fact, another company offers the same, if not better, coverage for a far cheaper price.

Car accidents happen every day. Some are mere fender benders and others result in catastrophic consequences. Accidents that involve serious vehicular damage, cause harm to another person or a passenger in a vehicle, or ultimately claim a life, typically dictate the need and the use of car insurance. Without it, a driver responsible for such an accident would be left holding the bills (bills that can include the repair of another person’s vehicle, expenses for hospitalization and medical treatment, and sometimes even the cost of property damage associated with an accident, but not directly related to a vehicle). And while most people hate the idea of shopping for car insurance, having it is always smart. Regardless of the fact that we have to have car insurance — having it in place in the event of the unthinkable can offer peace of mind.

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Bad Credit Auto Insurance – What Affects My Car Insurance Premiums?

Words most people never thought they’d see together – “bad credit auto insurance.” You probably already know that there are many factors that affect your car insurance premium. But I’ll bet you never realized that credit was one of them!

No insurance company wants to pay claims so they calculate the risk associated with a person, and that determines the premium you pay. And having bad credit is one factor among many that insurance companies use when factoring in your “risk potential.”

Below are the major risk factors that car insurance companies use when determining your rate.

Statistically, drivers under the age of 25 are at greater risk of being in an accident than those over age 25. They are also the ones with the least amount of credit history, and often have some bad credit. Using a bad credit auto insurance broker can probably save these people the most money over using one of the bigger companies. 25 is a major turning point (especially for men) in auto insurance. This is the age where most insurance companies consider you a “responsible adult” and you should see a drop in your rates.

Drivers between the ages of 50 and 65 generally have the safest records.


Women have been statistically safer drivers. This is because they are more likely to be transporting children, and therefore more careful. They are also less apt to be “daredevils” on the road. But the number of women involved accidents is on the rise as more and more women are commuting to work and not becoming the traditional “stay at home mom.”

Marital Status

A married person will pay less than a single person with an identical driving record. They believe that being married makes you a safer driver. I don’t’ know if this is true, but that’s what they believe . . .

The above factors cannot be changed, but there are some things that you do have control over that affect your rate. You may be able to save on insurance based upon these decisions:
Credit Rating

Many insurance companies will charge a person with a poor credit history a higher premium. This is why using a bad credit auto loan broker is better than using one of the big insurance companies. Until your credit improves the big agencies will always ding you.

To improve your credit and get better insurance rates – monitor your credit report to see if you can get a better score. A better credit score will save on insurance premiums. You can legally challenge any outdated or inaccurate items on your credit report and have them removed, thus improving your credit score. For a modest monthly fee you can hire a credit attorney to help you and in a short time can clean up your credit.


Where you live makes a difference. Folks living in areas with little or no traffic can expect to spend less on insurance than those living in congested cities or suburbs because areas with a lot of traffic tend to see more accidents. Some neighborhoods also have a higher rate of vehicle thefts, which can result in a higher premium.

Accidents and DWI’s

Having a DWI, accident or reckless driving ticket (as opposed to a general speeding ticket) will put you at a higher risk for accidents and will probably mean a higher premium. Some insurance companies will penalize you for as many as five years from when the incident occurred. These things can affect your credit too. If you have a judgment or fine placed on you by the courts this is put on your credit report. Which can lower your score. If you’re paying off a fine or judgment and your insurance rates are high, try one of our bad credit auto loan brokers and see if you can at least lower your rate while you get the fine paid off.

Vehicle Type

A cheap car will cost less to insure than that status symbol SUV. This is because it will cost a lot less to repair or replace a cheaper car than an expensive one. A HUGE portion of your insurance premium is based on the replacement value of your vehicle. So think twice before buying a 2500 vs. a 1500 or even a full size SUV vs. a mid-size SUV.


A clean driving record that is free of tickets proves to the insurance company that you are above the norm. Some insurance companies even offer rewards for having no tickets or accidents over a set period of time.


Insurers rate your risk factor with your job. For instance, a sales person who drives the freeways every day is most likely a higher risk than the banker who sits at their desk all day.

A higher education can get you lower premiums. Just being in college is often enough to get you a student discount, provided your grades are high enough.

Your driving distance to work (Under 10 miles one-way will usually earn you a better rate)

Number of miles driven each year

Do you use your vehicle for business?

Whether or not you currently have auto insurance and how high are your limits

Theft protection devices like Lo-Jack (often results in discounts)

Multiple cars and drivers (another opportunity for discounts)

If I Need Bad Credit Auto Insurance What Can I Do Right Now To Make Sure I Have The Lowest Premium?

Shop around for the best deal. Like any other kind of shopping when it comes to bad credit auto insurance it pays to check around. Typically a broker can find you the best rate because they take all of the above factors and match you with the best company. There are hundreds of insurance companies out there and you don’t have to limit yourself to just the big guys.

One stop can take care of it all. Check our site to see a list of bad credit auto insurance brokers that specialize in helping people who are credit challenged. You can receive multiple quotes, pick the best price, and then purchase. Get covered immediately on-line or over the phone. It REALLY is the easiest way to purchase car insurance.

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A Guide To Finding Car Insurance On The Internet

The Internet is a platform blessed with near endless opportunities. From sourcing your weekly groceries to researching for a post graduate thesis, the information and services on offer have revolutionised the way in which we all function. Sourcing car insurance therefore is no exception.

Consumers are in the driving seat (if you’ll excuse the pun) when it comes to getting car insurance today. The Internet has provided the perfect platform for companies to promote their services whilst also allowing the consumer to compare and summarily dismiss those who don’t make the grade. In short, it’s a competitive industry being driven by the need to get the best quote in the quickest possible time.

Both cost and time efficiencies are notable benefits of heading online to get your car insurance. But to get the benefit of both you have to understand what you’re looking for and where to find it.

You may already have some insurers or price comparison sites in mind to start your search. If this is the case, then you’re well on your way already. If not though, a simple car insurance related query on a search engine should provide you with sufficient inspiration to go off and explore all the available options.

If your preferred medium is the price comparison site then you will be quickly presented with a variety of quotes with details provided through a single form. This simply isn’t an option for those in the offline world.

Whilst there are offline brokers, you can never be sure of where the best quote really lies. When you search online, each insurance company provides their own unique quote for your query, allowing you to easily sort them. All quotes are clearly listed and will often include details of any promotions or extra information to assist in weighing up all benefits.

When you actually come to purchase the insurance itself you will often be provided with a quote reference with which to approach the insurer in question. This means that if you continue the process elsewhere, either online or, as is more likely, on the phone, your quote cost and all related information should be stored and accessible. This will save you time and unnecessary repetition when you come to finalise your car insurance policy.

Whenever you obtain a quote online you are under no obligation to go through with a purchase; however the insurer may contact you – either by phone or email – to see if you would like to complete the policy process. Whilst some might see it as something of a nuisance, these courtesy calls can also help you to avoid running up a bill and certainly shouldn’t take long if you’re not interested in the product.

Not all insurers can be found on price comparison services though, so if you are looking for a comprehensive overview of prices available you may need to look elsewhere. Again, you should have a decent idea of what other companies are able to provide quotes simply by using a search engine and targeting ‘car insurance’ related terms. You may even know of some insurers, in which case a direct visit to the site is the easiest solution.

Whatever your preferred method of finding insurance quotes, the Internet is by far the most efficient and quickest way of doing so. You can easily compare the quotes of dozens of companies in a matter of minutes and have the opportunity to choose a preferred insurer based on the information returned. No other offline platform is able to provide such detailed and graphic details in such a short period of time.

As there is no obligation to purchase there and then, you are free to simply use the Internet for research purposes only. So whether your car insurance is up for renewal or you are simply weighing up the costs with regards to the potential purchase of a new vehicle, it is a great way to ascertain a quick quote.

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